Dine Inn Safely

Our recent update

Since our pub doors reopened in July, we have thoroughly enjoyed welcoming you back. We would like to say a huge heartfelt thanks for your continued support and cooperation through all the changes and updates that have been put in place to help us all stay safe. We want to ensure our pubs are places that are not only warm and welcoming but are also safe for our guests and team, and we will continue to do everything we can to ensure that you Dine Inn Safely.

As of Thursday 24th September, we’ve updated our guidelines even further and implemented a few new changes that we’d like to share with you – here is some of what we’re doing to look after you and our team:

Party of 6 – we have a 6-guest limit per table – think cosy dinners and laid-back lunches

Don’t forget your mask – please wear your mask when you’re not seated at your table

Sit back, relax, and unwind – we will wait on you hand and foot

Don’t forget the curfew – our doors will close slightly earlier at 10pm


Booking and arrival

To ensure that social distancing is at its optimum within our pubs, you will now only be able to book tables for a maximum of 6 guests. Our doors will now close a little earlier than before at the new time of 10 pm (we do ask that you vacate the premises by 10pm without exception). So that you get to enjoy the very most of your tine with us we have updated our food service hours – enabling you to dine in earlier if you’d like to.

On your arrival, we ask that a member of your party completes the Track and Trace system which will be clearly signposted as you step through our doors. Our pubs still have clearly marked and separate entrances and exits, as well as plenty of sanitising stations around our pubs.


Protecting you and our teams

When it comes to wearing masks, we ask that you wear a face covering at all times when you are not seated at your table, this includes on arrival, travel to and from the toilet, and when leaving our pub. If you’ve forgotten your face mask, then please do let a member of our team know and they’ll provide one for you.

Our team members have been provided with all the protective equipment they need to work safely, and every team member will wear a face mask. Our cleaning team members will also wear gloves and aprons. As our team arrive for work, they will complete an electronic health questionnaire and have their temperature checked too!

Reduced contact

To ensure that social distancing is at its optimum within our pubs, we ask that you only use tables and chairs that are in position to be used for drinks or dining. All food and drink will be served via table service only by either ordering with a member of our team or by using our Upham Inns app. We can no longer serve anyone from the bar and ask that you don’t queue or stand at the bar or entrance areas. See it as an opportunity to sit back, relax, and be waited on!

Our team will continue to deliver all food and drink on trays, using fully sealed and cleanable menus, starting with empty sanitised tables and bringing your clean cutlery and napkins to you when you are seated, as well as providing individual sauces with all meals rather than in bottles and jars. Payment will now be taken at your table and our move to being cashless and an increased contactless payment amount of up to £45, is all in place to help make reduced contact even easier.

We’ve created extra space inside our restaurants by removing tables where needed, to make sure everyone has enough room to feel comfortable and safe. We have made sure we have enough signage around to help remind us all of what we need to do to keep ourselves and each other safe. Plus. we will still be operating a one-in-one-out system for our toilets.

Confidently clean

We’ve always taken great care to ensure our pubs are thoroughly clean. Extra steps continue to be in place to improve on our already high standards. Our team will be focusing even more on the key touchpoints throughout the day, every table will be sanitised between visits and all our cleaning products are certified to be effective against COVID-19.

We continuously strive to do everything we can so that you feel confident that we have everything covered – letting you focus on relaxing and enjoying your time with us. And, as ever, we’ll be here to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. We recommend you book in advance online (remember, only 6 guests maximum!) – but please stay at home if you have been unwell or have been around anyone who has been unwell.

We look forward to welcoming you and we can’t wait to see you!